Catina Puckett Principal

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Moore Street School website. My name is Catina Edmond Puckett and I am currently the lead learner/principal of Moore Street School. I am a 1993 graduate of Dublin City Schools. I earned my bachelors, masters, and specialist degrees from Georgia College and State University. I have built my education career on this quote/principle “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Theodore Roosevelt We appreciate the opportunity to share information about our school with you. Dublin City School is a Title I Charter School District. Moore Street School (MSS) is a non-traditional accredited school within the Dublin City School system. Moore Street School serves students in grades 6-12 who for whatever reason have been less than successful in the traditional school setting. At Moore Street School we promote a family atmosphere that encourages success through accountability and self-regulation. The educational setting at Moore Street School is designed to help students find success through changes in attitudes, study habits, and lifestyles, as illustrated by our motto: “Moore Street School…A Path to Success.” We certainly believe “It takes a village to raise a child;” therefore parents, students, educators, and the community at large are responsible for the academic success of our students. The staff is committed to creating a respectful and nurturing learning environment that is safe and clean. We recognize that the major responsibility of the educational process rests with the student and his/her desire to accomplish something productive in life. We expect all of our students to be active participants in their educational process. At Moore Street School each student creates a path to success through an individualized educational computer based instructional (CBI) program. The curriculum used at Moore Street School is correlated to the Georgia Standards of Excellence. The instructional strategy used is a hybrid model primarily based on CBI and supplemented with direct instruction to fill gaps. Every effort is made at both the high school and middle school level to insure that Moore Street School is, indeed, a Path to Success. Catina E. Puckett, PrincipalMoore Street School